Head of school

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Lucas Christian Academy!

Our mission is to partner with parents in Christian community to transform lives. We aim to support families in building “warriors for Christ,” nurturing a generation with a resolve to love God, love others, and love learning.

We are excited that you are exploring our website to learn more about our school. LCA is a hybrid-model school that blends the best of parent-led education with a traditional school and offers Christ-centered academics, athletics, arts, and student leadership opportunities. Our alumni frequently comment on how LCA’s university-style schedule prepares them for the rigor and time management expectations of college.

Our purpose is to serve families who desire not simply a private education, but a distinctively Christian education for their children. We seek families who are like-minded spiritually; who are aligned with our philosophy, objectives, and standards of education; and whose children meet our enrollment criteria. As you explore our school, please make sure to read our Statement of Faith and our Statement on Marriage and Human Sexuality. You can also familiarize yourself with our policies, procedures, and expectations for both parents and students in our Partner’s Handbook.

Lucas Christian Academy unashamedly believes, teaches, and practices a literal interpretation of the inspired and inerrant Word of God. Biblical principles are integrated into every subject taught at our school. Our staff is committed not only to academic excellence, but also to teaching students how to apply the truth of God’s Word to every aspect of life.

Soli Deo gloria,

Head of School

Our History

In 1998, Lucas Christian Church (LLC, currently Faith Fellowship Church) formed a team to research what it would take to start a school. During this planning phase, a small group of teachers and students were drawn together and began “Classes at Lucas” in August, 1999. These classes served the middle school and high school home school families of the church and community by providing qualified teachers to teach subject content on one or two days per week while the students studied at home for the remainder of the week. The classes were tremendously successful and confirmed to the church body that a school of this nature was what God desired.

Mission Statement

Partnering with parents in Christian community to transform lives through academics, athletics, servant leadership, and the arts.

Hybrid Model School

Lucas Christian Academy is a hybrid model school that integrates the parents (mentoring their students) in partnership with highly qualified professional instructors to gain better academic and spiritual development of the student. It integrates the home and school in the common goal of producing godly men and women who will become difference makers in the Kingdom of God.