Carey Schumacher


Once my refugee application was approved, my family and I moved to DFW from California earlier this year. We are loving Texas and the people here. I was a professional photographer in San Diego and Orange County for 20 years. Our two children attended Christian schools K-12, and we believe fervently in the importance of Christ-based family-centric education.

Favorite Bible Verse

“God is love…” 1 John 4:16b

My Education

BS in Math from Pepperdine University. Taught Math at Christian schools in the Bay Area of CA after college for a few years, then at a Junior College in        San Diego.

Fun Facts/Hobbies

I love my power tools & DIY projects. I always forget to take “before” and “during” photos and video, so I could never (nor would I want to) be a social media DIY celebrity or have my own TV show.

Cherishing LCA

I love the size of our little school.

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