AHG Troop Fees

The cost to join Troop TX0613 is $200/year per girl which includes membership fees, troop dues and program support fees. A detailed breakdown of these fees can be found below. Uniforms & Handbook costs are excluded from this amount – More info & pricing here!


Troop Dues & Program Support fees will be deduced from your family’s FACTS account with Lucas Christian Academy. You can access your FACTS account here. Membership fees are paid directly to AHG. 

Optional Fees

Adult Registration – Adult Memberships are required for parent volunteers or those that wish to participate in overnight camps. This fee is $40.00/year per adult and covers the cost of a background check through AHG. All adult family members are welcome to register and we would love to have you!

Activities – Activities outside of a Troop meeting are typically “pay as you play” such as an outing, camping trip or field trip outside of regular meetings. These fees vary per event, are completely optional and will be communicated to parents prior to the event. 

Fundraising – Each girl is set a minimum goal to raise $60.00/year from fundraising. 

Benevolence Funds – This type of fund helps girls who may need financial assistance on a temporary or one-time basis. If you would like to donate to create this type of fund for Troop TX0613 or would like more information, please contact the Troop Shepherd (Meghan Lawson) or email ahg@lucaschristianacademy.com .

Detailed Fee Descriptions


A $40.00/year per girl membership fee is paid directly to American Heritage Girls. This helps cover the cost of registration and background checks and grants access to AHG resources. 

Troop Dues

Our $140/year per girl Troop dues help cover our Troop’s expenses (such as supplies, equipment, awards, end-of-year award party, etc.). All Troop dues are specifically used specifically for Troop TX0613 and do not go to American Heritage Girls directly. 

Program Support Fee*

A $20.00/year per girl national program support fee is due annually per girl. This cost is paid directly to American Heritage Girls. 

*For families with 3 or more girls, the maximum amount that can be collected (known as the Sister Cap) will be $105 total for 3 or more girls and the maximum amount that can be collected for the Program Support Fee will be $50 total. Prices subject to change and are referenced as estimates only. Bundle discounts may be available on AHG website and are not reflected in total cost.