Corporate Sponsorship Form

Corp Sponsorship
If you chose General Athletics or a Single Sport, please tell us which sport and/or specific cause (e.g. new basketballs). If you'd like to support multiple programs, please state specific amounts with the programs desired (e.g. $1000 towards boys basketball, $500 towards cross country, and $1000 towards theater. For my theater donation, I'd like it put towards new body mics.)
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Each media guide page is 8.5"x11" (full sheet, profile oriented) and each playbill page is 5.5" x 8.5" (half sheet, profile oriented) overall. *Margins and the binding edge will reduce the overall dimensions slightly. You may upload, as a single image, any size page you have created or you may upload up to 5 images and we'll create the page layout for you. One of your images may be a background if you prefer we build the page for you.
Thank you for your support of Lucas Christian Academy. We could never accomplish our goals without generous donors like you.  We take seriously our responsibility to be the best stewards of what you have financially provided for LCA. We will always look for the best price and quality in order to purchase conscientiously. Many times your monetary donations are more than enough to purchase a specific item you have earmarked. Legally, this money cannot be used to make any other purchases without contacting you for permission. When this happens we would like your approval to transfer the remaining leftover funds into the specific sport for which the item was purchased.  (e.g. You want to purchase new balls for the volleyball team, after purchase there was $50 left - we would move the money into the Volleyball budget to purchase other items for the volleyball team only.)
By signing this form you are preauthorizing us to move any left over donation money from an item-specific donation into that sport’s budget for future use.
Shirt sizes are in men's or youth. All shirts are navy in color.

Thank you for your corporate sponsorship and your support of our school. You are a blessing to LCA!